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"I worked with Ms. Patrice Athanasidy on three accreditation reports. She was excellent in editing, designing, and proofreading the reports. She met every deadline.  I recommend Ms. Patrice Athanasidy most enthusiastically and without qualification."
Dr. James Suarez
Dean, School of Business
Manhattan College

"Working with Patrice has been the best working experience for me. As a photographer, the client often cannot describe their desire or understand the dynamic a photograph carries with it. Patrice is not only a collaborator, but she understands the whole process of making a statement in any presentation. Hence, she brings the best out of her photographer and herself in any working project.

Most of all, however, Patrice Athanasidy is a clear thinker, who quietly always gets the job done."
Patricia Decker

"After viewing Patrice Athanasidy's website, I was very impressed with the range of services that she offers. Then I began to realize that our organization, the North American Conference of Associates and Religious have used many of the services listed. Patrice set up our NACAR website and continues to update it periodically. The design is flexible enough to advertise our new projects, as well as give important information to our members and those who are visiting our website for the first time.
"Patrice has written pertinent stories about people and events happening in NACAR that have been picked up by local newspapers. I am pleased with the coverage she has enabled our organization to have. Her style is individual and unique to each organization, respecting the mission and focus of each. I hope that our working relationship will continue and that she and we can grow together."

Sr. Ellen O'Connell
Executive Director
North American Conference of Associates and Religious (NACAR)

I have 20 years of writing experience in the New York Market. Please view my resume and samples of my writing to learn more.

"Patrice is one of the most intelligent and well-rounded people I know. She is a joy to work with because she is extraordinarily organized, quick to pick up new things, very creative and thoroughly knowledgeable about technology, and has an easy manner. Her colleagues always celebrate her intelligence, good nature and can-do attitude."
Theresa D. Kerin
Kerin Associates


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